Jenei Galéria Ltd.

Address: 9700 Szombathely,
Bürü u. 1.
Fax: +3694318204
Opening hours

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 16:30


About Us

Our company was founded in 1987 as a family business, and since then we are operating in this form. We started out from a 13 square meters workshop, we currently have a 120 square meters shop and hundreds square meters of workshop. With the growth of our territory, we have continually expanded our offer. Glazing, mirror making, picture framing. In the field of Tiffany, there is hardly any work we couldn’t do.

We keep flat glasses in our shop continuously in thickness of 2-10 mm. Our customers can find in our shop white, colourful, ornament, etched, sandblasted, glued safety, parsol, wiry – in the case of individual orders fire-retardant, fireproof, bulletproof – glasses too.

We implement unique ideas with a sandblasting technique, but we also help you to choose the right one with sample booklets. We make insulated glasses in normal, gas filled design.

We undertake mirror making in normal silver and bronze colours 3-5 mm thickness with edge grinding and faceted technique. We decorate mirrors with sand blast, with Tiffany technique or with “appliqué” samples – e.g.: made from own material. We also turn over the accessories needed for our equipment: glue, hanger and holder.

We undertake picture framing from hundreds of varieties of thin, wide, modern or classic slats for up to one hour, but no longer than two weeks, they are constantly in our warehouse. It is possible to order individual frames, and we can do “nonreflective” glazing too. In our shop are available standard size photo frames 20*30, 30*40, 40*50 or 50*70 cm in size. We do locally oil paintings pretension to blindfold, photos, watercolours preparation of with “paspartu”, items … unique framing, mounting.

The Tiffany’s company history was beginning in the USA from 1879, which has not only played its leading role in the country over a few years, but has also made spectacular successes in Europe. In our workshop we prepare with Tiffany technique door and window inserts, furniture glasses and gifts. Based on custom designs and samples drawing, we use Spectrum glasses and faceted glasses.

Newness: Kitchen coloured Lacobel backdoor glass distribution, making custom made glass items.

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