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Mirror making

Mirror making

The use of mirrors is so much in our everyday life that doesn’t even appear. We look into the mirror in the bathroom during the morning preparation, we check our outfit in the mirror preparing for the theatre, for events. We use mirrors while driving. However, of course, it doesn’t even appear in what frame of the mirrors are placed.

We undertake mirror making in normal silver and bronze colours to 3-5 mm thickness.

We undertake the production of unique mirrors, but in our warehouse we also have a large selection of these to our customers.

We make our mirrors aesthetics with sanding, we make them more beautiful with chamfering and polishing. The mirror can be even more beautiful if it’s faceted.

This gives 5-40 mm wide, 45 arithmetic degree polished frame at the edges of the surface of the mirror.

We decorate mirrors with sand blast (this also results a matt finish), with Tiffany technique (more details here), or with “appliqué” samples.

We also turn over the accessories needed for our equipment while mirror making: glue, hanger and holder.

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